5 reasons why The Shrink Academy is the place to be


The Shrink Academy is a team of diverse individuals who work together to create lasting change in the lives of our clients.
Each one of us is unique, with different skill sets and different experiences. We do not work in isolation, but rather work together as a collective, drawing strength from one other.


The Shrink Academy is not just a private practice, not just a clinic, not just a community builder. We’re building an ecosystem, at the intersection of all three. We thrive in diversity in what we do, and we’re getting good at this.


We have our annual Team Building and Education Weekend, social events, Christmas Parties, the occasional Wedding. We celebrate 21st Birthdays, 60th Birthdays and everything in-between. Life is more than just work and don’t we know it!


Don’t want to be stuck in one office? We have a few locations to choose from. Like to sleep in? Work late? No problem. Want to shop on weekdays and work on weekends? Done. At The Shrink Academy we do not always have “opening hours” – you determine what your working hours are (within reason of course!). We encourage output-based productivity.

Politics, Philosophy and Economics

No, not the degree. A zero-tolerance policy for BS and politics. We believe in transparency, and no retribution for speaking your mind. We are not friends, man. We’re family.

If you believe what we believe, we want you. See Our Positions