Neurodevelopmental disorders usually appear earlier on in life.

Neurodevelopmental disorders can significantly impair one’s socio-vocational function. Whilst most are incurable it is quite possible to improve the cognitive capacity and modify behavioural aspects of these disorders. Early identification and intervention can significantly improve outcomes for younger children of schooling age, especially in their early formative years.  This can in turn lead to an improvement in their ability to integrate into mainstream schools.

Neurodevelopmental Disorders can include

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Developmental Delay
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

Early Diagnosis and Early Intervention is so important

Having a Neurodevelopment Disorder does not mean the outcome is the same for all.  The benefits of early identification and early intervention means that there is more opportunity to change the trajectory of its impact on a person’s life, especially in the earlier formative years.

Delaying diagnosis and intervention is therefore likely to do more harm than good.

Why diagnosis is important

The benefits of Early Diagnosis and Early Intervention have been well established, for both cognitive and neurodevelopment disorders. Often it is not only the client who suffers. As with mental illness these disorders are associated with high burden for the family and carers mostly due to lack of direction and support on how to best manage patients with these conditions.

Early diagnosis can improve early access to assistance.  In addition to accessing appropriate medical treatment, early diagnosis also facilitates appropriate intervention for the individual and family or carers by adding appropriate support and/or respite, reducing carer burnout and improving overall functional capacity of the individual.

Early intervention for children of schooling age may impact their ability to remain in mainstream schools, to integrate better socially, and may also increase their capacity to mitigate their own functional deficits.

We can help!

The Shrink Academy has specialised clinicians with a broad range of skills and experience in diagnosis, management, and treatment of both cognitive disorders and neurodevelopment disorders.  In collaboration with our partners at The Shrink Company, we have in-house clinicians in Psychology, Occupational Therapy and Behavioural Support domains, we are able to provide a wraparound service for clients in need.

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