Being eligible for NDIS is one thing.
But proving it requires skill.
Good thing you have us.

Unlike Medicare, getting access to NDIS is not automatic. Being eligible only puts you on the ‘shortlist’. Then there is the need to prove your eligibility as well as the need. We specialise in helping eligible people prove eligibility and need so that you can get the most of our NDIS and achieve the best quality of life you can possible have. We are able to help you from making a diagnosis to functional capacity assessments to determining the very quantum of what you need. We are experts in NDIS and we can help.

We specialise in getting people on to the NDIS (Access Request) and also to prepare existing participants for their Review. We are a comprehensive wraparound service and can help you provide the required evidence of disability and also justify the need.

We work closely and collaboratively with our colleagues at The Shrink Company who are able to provide specialist-level diagnosis and intervention, and who are able to advocate for your NDIS Access Request or Review.

Access Request

Getting you on to the NDIS by navigating its complex pathways. We do this every day, so we have become very familiar with the process, and are good at this.

Review Preparation

Preparing for the NDIS review by providing clear evidence of psychosocial need, including the quantum required to improve and maintain your quality of life.

Establish Evidence

Providing specialist-level evidence of diagnosis, deficits, needs and costs. We know what NDIS are looking for, so we are not shooting in the dark.

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