As a part of our multidisciplinary wrap around approach, we can conduct Occupational Therapy Assessments and a range of Functional Assessments to address sensory processing needs, identify fine and gross motor skills, social emotional functioning, assistive technology requirements, appropriate supports and more.

Our team can also provide evidence-based interventions and support the development of sensory profiles, sensory diets, self-regulation strategies and social emotional skills. Our Occupational Therapists have experience in Early Childhood Intervention, Aged care, Education and working with challenging behaviours and circumstances.

Motor Assessments

Fine & gross motor skills and visual motor integration skills.  These are the foundation blocks for interacting with and perceiving the world around us.

Sensory Assessments & Diet

Our bodies continually interpret and respond to a variety of sensory information.  Sensory assessments help determine what stimuli our body needs more of and what it needs less of.

Functional Assessment

Determine the level of functioning across all aspects of daily life.  Whether it is a child or adult, a functional assessment will identify strengths and difficulties to inform a targeted intervention. 

Specialised Intervention

Include fine & gross motor skills, handwriting, learning skills, sensory processing, emotional regulation, social skills, activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living.  

We follow an easy 6 step process


Information gathering

Interview with client and family/carer


Individual assessment in clinic, home or school

Report development & summary

Assessment outcomes and recommendations are documented as a report

Goal setting

Establish goals and clarify wins with client and family

Targeted intervention

Discipline-specific and tailored intervention to achieve goals

Review and Future Plannning

Review of goal progression and achievements with client and family, and future-plan

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