To make a great dish, you first need to have great ingredients.

A quality Functional Behaviour Assessment will produce a quality Behaviour Support Plan.

A Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA) is an assessment of the root-cause of a behaviour manifestation.  This may not necessarily be due to a neurodevelopmental disorder, although this can be a common reason for the manifestation of a behaviour of concern.

A behaviour manifestation is often a combination of the person, the environment and the interaction with other people.  A well executed Functional Behaviour Assessment will involve the evaluation of all these factors, and its impact on the person’s behaviours.

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When we do something, we do it properly, or we don’t do it at all.  When we say comprehensive, we mean comprehensive.


We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach.  Every person is different.  Every environment is different. We know this all too well.


We are experts in the field.  Our clinicians are heavily credentialed, and know their stuff.  No ifs and or buts.


Our assessments form an important building block towards a Behaviour Support Plan.